Fortnight for android with link. Cyber Haunter. 2019 May

Did you Know a new game was realesed in april 26 for android people calling it Fortnight for android but the game name is Cyber Haunter thats same as fortnight.

Cyber haunter is an open world battle royal game its the combination of pubg and Fortnight.

You can do extreme parkour wall run vault and much more it gives you a unique gameing experience.

Awsome Vehicle like lambo audi and heavy cars.. its looks kinda asphalt 8 that i play in old days.

Like pubg land with parachute Cyber Haunter that's not the case its has a cool and unique glyder or hoverboard.

Stunning graphics and easy UI and the most important thing is it's glitch and bug free to give you a smoother gameing experience.

Its like a fantasy game like rpg game we play back days with open world and cool gadgets.

Like Fortnight it has the same gliding just press jump button double Time and safe landing from high spot or building.

Game size is- 1.3GB
Ram required- 2GB
Andoid- 5.0 and avobe

Play Store

I'm recently star playing this game and in first 5 matches you find more bots and less players after 5 matches there was more players less bots. In India we just play Pubg but we need play all games i also like pubg and play at least two matches per day every game has its own place so start to try new games.. thanks.

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