how to download instagram videos | Android and PC | 2019

Long time ago you can just share one picture in an Instagram post. But now you can share multiple pictures and videos too. You can share full ten minutes video in one post.

While you scrolling through Instagram you find a video that you want to download it could be your favorite bike or dog or anything. You never know when the post Creator delete it or u just lost the video and never find again.

Here's how to download Instagram video without any app from your android or pc.

how to download instagram videos

1. copy Video link
2. open Instagram downloader
3. paste the Link
4. click download(Details in screenshot)

This steps can be different on pc and android device. don't worry we cover both.

Before we start just don't upload downloade videos because thos videos are not yours their are someone else's. And Don't take credit for something is not your. Now we are good to go.

how to download instagram videos on android.

1. Open Instagram

  • Open Instagram on you phone it could be Browser or app.

2. Find the video that you want to download.

  • Instagram Videos have a little video icon in right upper corner.

3.Click on three dots (See screenshot)

  • Click on the three dots in the right upper corner.

4.Click on Copy Link(See screenshot)

  • Click on the copy link. If there's no copy link option then that video is private and can't be downloaded.

5.Open Your Browser and go to the downloader.

  • Open your phones Browser and go to that link Instagram Video Downloader. After opening the link past the link in the video url and click on download.

6. Confirm The Video And Download

  • After click on download Instagram video you can see the video owner name "video by owner name" then clik on Download video in MP4 and your video start to download.

And after your Download finished you can see the video in your Download folder or in gallary.

how to download instagram videos on pc

1. Open Instagram 

  • in your browser open instagram and Log in if need to.

2. Find the video you wish to download

  • find the video you wish to download.

3. click on three dots

  • click on the three dots shown in screen shot.

4. click copy link

  • click on the copy link option. if its not there then this video is private and cant be downloaded.

5. Go to instagram video downloader

6. Paste Url first

  • Past the video link you copied in step 4 in the url box (see Screenshot) and Click on download.

7. Confirm and download

  • after you past url you can see the video owner "video by owner name" and then click on download to begin the download.

8. Done

  • download starts

A disclaimer. dont misuse the video and dont take credit for the videos and dont upload it to insagram and you tube or any other social media. and dont forget to share this article with your friends.

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