How to improve PUBG Mobile Performance | Lag Fix | 2019

Pubg gain popularity in very short time and its famous game among pc user's. But not everyone has a high end pc. Soon after the game was realesed in both android and ios. The most important thing is that it's free so the game gets million of download people started to play on there mobile but the same case is not everyone has a high-end Smartphone. Thoug developers work very hard to get the game smother but still we have phone that's cause lag to the game and you think that your phones​hardware doesn't support or powerful enough to run the game smother. But most of the time it's your fault that game cos lag.

Follow these tips to improve your pubg mobile performance-:

First of all in game settings-:

1. Understand the graphics

In the game graphics panel you get the option to set your preferred graphics and  frame rate. Most people do the wrong thing here they set the graphics and frame rate to the highest possible for theri Smartphone and that cos your processor to run at full speed and get your phone heated up very fast and your phones Processor underclock itself to low the temperature and the game start to lag don't do that.

For smother gameplay you need the highest frame rate not the highest graphics, so set the graphics to 'Smothe' or 'Balanced' set the fram rate to the highest your phone can give. Take a look at the screenshot​ the fps was much higher in low graphics and high frame rate. Keep the graphics to the lowest and frame rate highest.

2. Repair the game

No matter how hard developers work there was always few bugs left and after every update new bugs come, so the best thing to do repair after every update here's how to do it

  • Open the game
  • Click in setting icon
  • Click on log out
  • Then click in repair button in the right courner (shown on screenshot)

Now the phone settings you need to change-:

1. Clear the ram

Before you run the game just clear the ram and reboot your device to kill all running background apps. Make sure to reboot the device after clearing the ram some apps still running and use your cpu power so its better to reboot the device. This will surely boost the performance not huge difference will make but a bit.

In my case when the background apps were running i get 35-38fps after reboot and clean my ram i get around 40fps i already mention that not a huge difference will make but reboot your device so ram and cup usage was less that make your phone's temperature was low.

2. Keep the brightness low

Doing anything Specially playing game on high brightness can cos scren heat as well as other parts of your phone. You know what happens when your phone get heated. So lower your brightness as your sourroundin to low your device temperature.

3. Remove back case(Back cover)

No matter what you'll do your phone still get heated whenever​you play games. So its better to take of your phone case when playing games. These cases​ don't allow the heat to dissipate properly from your phone by removing the case your phone get cool faster.

4.Unlock higher frame rates

So you try all our steps mention avobe and you see a bit difference but your phone is pretty cheap and can't give you desired fps. If you want a smoother gameplay then you need to reduce the graphics lower than your game allow it to. An app called FlashDog you can get it on play store. It will automatically reduce the settings according to your phones hardware. And its unlock frame rate 'ultra' and 'Extreme'.

  • Download FlashDog from play store
  • Open the app
  • It will automatically reduce the graphics
  • Click on Launch button
  • That's all enjoy
  • It's not required root
  • And its nof gonna ban you from game.
Those are few things that will surely improve your pubg mobile gameing experience and get it a bit smother that it usual. If you hav any doubt just comment below i will help you on your issue. Thanks for coming.

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