Adsense Approval trick For Blogger and WordPress

Adsense Approval trick

So you've build your nice little blog and you wrote few post then you applied for AdSense but it's not getting approved. Your probably waiting for more than two weeks but still no answer. Here we are to help you how to get AdSense approved.

AdSense approval trick is pretty easy you just have to know some of the mandatory thing that google  wants you to add to your website and boom they approved your website in no time.

Let's Start

Google Adsense Approval Trick For Blogger and WordPress
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Table Of Content-:

Custom Domain
Mandatory Pages
Social media profile
Number of Post
Website speed
Bonus Tips
My Secret Method

AdSense Approval Trick

Make sure you follow all the step i mentioned in this article and you never have to face rejection from AdSense again.

Honestly saying there's no such trick available for AdSense approval. It's some mandatory things that you need to follow to get AdSense approval.

I'm going to share the things that help me to get AdSense approval and in one try.

Domain Name

If your Blog is on the Blogger then they provide you with a free domain like this. ""

That's kind of free domain is good when you just started your blog you don't know much and you don't want to spend money on something you don't know you'll use it in future.

But if your aim is to monetize your blog and earn some real money from it then you have to spend some money and buy a custom Domain.

I recommend you to go for well known extinction like .com .in .org .net ect. If you want to get world wide traffic then you need to go for domain like .com .info or .org

Never go for domain like .ooo or .tk they're like free domain same as there's many free Trick to get free custom domain i suggest you to buy a genuine domain for website like GoDaddy or BigRock.

This create a good impression on google. Google see your website as a professional blogger not some random guy try to play around. Remember google AdSense team check your website by person not some computer.

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Mandatory Pages

Every website need a few mandatory pages. No I'm not taking about your post or article you published. I'm taking about pages. Page tells us what your website is about what kind of content you provide to visitors.

Here few pages you need to create and how the impact on your website

About Us

This is the page aprrover looking for in your website. This page should have details about your website and your future plans and vision for your website.

Try to write at least 200-300 Word and make it true and genuine don't copy it.

Privacy Policy

This page make your website look more professional and genuine. You don't need to write it by yourself.

Just search on Google Privacy Policy Generator and copy past it to your website. Make sure to change website name and email id.

Don't worry you'll not get copyright strike. Copying page don't count as copyright.

Contact Us

Its a page that can help visitors to reach you. Basically its a page where you provide your email id and other details so visitors can contact you when they face any problem.

Make sure to add those pages mentioned Above and you can also add a page called terms and conditions. Just generate it from Google.

The Theme Of The Website

Your website theme roles a very important part for your Approval. And make sure you keep that in your mind your making a blog not a beautiful platform.

So make sure your theme is simple and classic not very shiny or lot of junk in it.

You should have a simple and clear theme template and as a beginner you should go for a free theme template. So don't have to spend money as you just started.

Make sure your template theme is desktop as well as mobile friendly.

If your blog is on blogger then you should go for Colored Minima 3 and if your on WordPress then you should have Hestia theme.

Colored Minima 3 is completely free and easy to desing template. When selecting theme your focus should be delivering content to viewer's and not some page with full of ads poping up alot of picture and they slow down your site discuss later in below.

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Social Media Profile

When your applying for AdSense you must have some social presence in the website.

So make at least Facebook, Google+ and Twitter account and link them with you website social media profile home account.

Lets assume that approver wants know what your plan for future in this website and simple attaching your social media profile is a signal that you have social media marketing plan for future and its worth to place ads in your website.

Number Of Post

Everyone when they first start there blog they do the mistake not creating some quality content and send there blog for approval.

When its not approved they search for tips and tricks for approval. Things not work like this I'm not much experience but if you don't have content to read no one will visit your blog do if you get approved you didn't generate income.

You should have at least 10-15 well written post for getting approved. It took one week if you work hard enough.

Each article is need to be around 700 to 1000 word the more the better. Although you create 800 words 10 article means 8000+ word content for your website. Pretty good huh.

While your website is in review don't stop writing. Post a casual article in every 2-3 days. Its send a signal that your a genuine blogger not some to play around.

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Website Speed

Your website speed can affect your website performance. Make sure your website is load under 6-7 seconds.

The ideal website speed is 5 second more than that affect your performance.

Website speed is depends on two things-:

1. Theme
2. Web Hosting

If you started your website on blogger then you don't have to worry about web hosting. But make a wise choice on theme selection.

No doubt you can use Colored Minima 3 as i mentioned above and for WordPress you can use free Hestia theme and your good to go.

But if your using WordPress then go for a well known hosting brand like BlueHost or HostGator and your website has good performance.

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Bonus Tips

Make sure Your domain is older that 20 Days.

Everytime you buy a domain and link it with your blog then write 10 articles and after 2-3 weeks then apply  for google AdSense.

There were other ways to earn from blogger like affiliate or url shortner ect. But if your goal for AdSense then follow all the step i mentioned above and you'll definitely get approved.

Never think about the time its take around 2-3 weeks sometime more than that. You need to think about what you do after approved.

So many blog got rejected and not making income because they do everything in a hurry. You need to wait things take time to build.

My Secret Method

When you follow all the step i mentioned above but still not approve then follow this.

Wait for at least 40 days my AdSense approval takes 29 Days.

After 40 Days send a feed back to google AdSense
Go to AdSense account and click on send feed back(Shown in screenshot) and write a feed back message as "Sir My website is currently under review for more than two weeks please review it."

After you send your Feed back wait for 10 Days.

If not get approved then make a zoho business mail and apply for AdSense with your business mail.

Your business mail is like this

Mine is

I tried my best to provide you with all details i have about AdSense approval. Please follow my page in Facebook and make sure to share this article.

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