How to Spy WhatsApp | See someone else's WhatsApp message

How to Spy WhatsApp | See someone else's WhatsApp message

How to Spy WhatsApp | See someone else's WhatsApp message, hack whatsapp
How to Spy WhatsApp | See someone else's WhatsApp message

So you wanna spy WhatsApp or see someone else's WhatsApp message. It could be friend or girlfriend or anyone else. But you don't know how? We here to help you spy someone else's WhatsApp message without any third party apps. Just follow the steps carefully shown in this article below.

Disclaimer- Please don't use this trick for illegal purpose. This is only for educational purposes.
I'm not responsible for anything happen to your phone and you.

Follow the steps-:

Do this steps in your own phone after that we move to the targets phone.

Update To latest version-:

  • First of all go to play store and update your WhatsApp to the latest version. This will make things easy.

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  • Open Chrome in Your phone-:

Open Chrome browser in your device if you use any other browser it didn't work. Open your chrome browser and go to

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  • Select Desktop mode-:

After open the url make sure you turn on desktop mode. See how to enable desktop mode in screenshot (Above). Of you don't use desktop mode it will not give you the QR code.

  • Now Wait Here

Now you get to see this screen (See screenshot) you see there was a QR code now wait here and go to your targets phone.

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Now to the targets phone

  • Go to WhatsApp-:

Open WhatsApp on your target phone and make sure its updated if it's not that's not gonna make any problems but if its updated its easy for you.

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  • Click on the three dots-:

Click on the three dots in the right corner and click WhatsApp web. Of you didn't find WhatsApp web option then update WhatsApp to the latest version.

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  • Click got it and-:

Click on got it and you can see the url on the top

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  • Scan the QR code-:

Camera will open after you click got it and now go to your phone and in the chrome browser and scan the QR CODE (step 3) after you scan it you can see the targets WhatsApp message.

You can see now not you can see their chat you can also send messages.

Please don't use it for any illegal purpose. This is for educational only I'm not responsible for anything happen with you and your smartphone. Use it with caution.

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