how to make your android phone battery last longer

how to make your android phone battery last longer

how to make your android phone battery last longer
how to make your android phone battery last longer

how to make your android phone battery last longer. Every phone has an issue no matter how expensive your device is it limited battery life. If your phone doesn't give you the best out of your battery juice then here's some handful tips to increase your phones battery life.

  • Check Battery Usage

In settings you find a option called battery here you can see which apps use your battery the most its just one or two apps useing your battery the most and others use small amount. It could be your regular apps like facebook, facebook use your most of the battery cos it always run in background and give you notification. If any app that you don't use just uninstall it.

  • Turn Off Location

Just Truned off location when you don't use it. It's consume battery in background. Some apps need location trun on lile maps or games like pokemon go. Use it at battery saveing mode dont use it on high accuracy.

  • Your Camera is Killing Your Battery

If you're useing your camera too much its gonna drain your battery fast and useing your falsh speed up the process. Useing images chatting apps like skype hangout use your battery fast.

  • Power Save Mode

Most of these days smartphones has Battery saving mode. Power saving feature reduce the performance of your phone but make your phone last much longer. Some android phones has ultra power saving mode that make your device like any 2g smart phone make call and message no internet no wifi but make your phone much much longer.

  • Trun Off Vibration

Truning off your vibration can save alot of your battery percentage. Every time a notification receive your phone vibrate and shake your battery to death.

  • Turn Off Push Notification

Constantly receiving notifications drain battery fast. When receive notification your phone vibrate and display is wake. Some apps send you too much junk notification, it's best to stop these notifications for your battery life. Go to Setting-App-selet the app-Manage Notification-Trun off.

  • Use Battery Saver Apps

Useing battery saving apps like DU Battery Saver, Doctor Battery to pinpoint which app kill your battery, what background app drain your battery and much more to control over battery like temperature, charging time, charging mode ect.

  • Turn down Brightness

Most of people useing auto brightness in there smartphones and auto brightness use much more brightness than it need. So trun off auto brightness and use manual brightness and keep it as low ass possible according to your sourndings. Its also keep your phones temperature low.

  • Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Regularly see your apps and uninstall apps that you don't use. They use small amount of your battery in background and add up over time. This also make your phone run smoothly because less apps means less ram usage.
Never let your phones battery go to 0%. And try not to charge it to 100%. This will make your battery life span longer. Your battery doesn't go fast and it's doesn't need to change soon.

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