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PUBG Lite For Android | Pubg Lite Android

PUBG Lite android

PUBG Lite Android

Pubg light is released for android and its got more that 10 Millions download in very short time. Pubg lite is desing for Low-End android devices or you can say for 2GB ram phones. They say the same game but in budget pubg lite android

Let's do a quick review and comparison with pubg mobile and see how similar they are in terms of graphics and alot of small thing in game.

Name- Pubg Lite
Size- 491 MB
Ram- 2 GB
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Let's see what we get in pubg lite version

  • Map's or Map

You'll get only one map and its erangel. And its totally different from the map erangel we see in pubg mobile. Theres no Pochinki no school no rozhok no millitary base. Its look kinda shanok map.

See the map has some new places like Downtown, Factory, Pilot Plaza, Stadium and Village those places are good in everything like loot and players.
I didn't play very much so i can't tell you all details about maps. But i think pubg lite developer's soon add more maps in to the game.

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  • One arcade mode

Youll get only one Arcade mode that is war mode no Sniper training no qucik match no small zone..
And the worst part is the war mode is not available all the the time 24x7. Pubg lite just released so after some time and update they'll likely to add more arcade mode like we see in pubg mobile.

  • No more 100 People in Lobby

Only 60 people in lobby. Like pubg mobile we see 100 people but in pubg lite we get only 60 player's don't know its 60 maybe less people mean less lag. 60 people mean the macth end much quicker than its take in pubg mobile. And less crowded area's so looting would be good and game is a bit easy too.

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  • Only Two Server's

Like you can see it there is only two servers Asia and South America no Europe no North America and ping in asia is a bit higher that ping in asia in pubg mobile don't know why. In pubg mobile i get around 80-120ms ping in asia and pubg light i get around 220-260 ping asia. North America is too much lagging and ping is around 600ms.

  • No Graphics Adjustment

There's no graphics option in game. I was shocked when i open setting to change graphics and see there was graphics option. So there is only one graphics option and it set as default for everyone. Low-end or High-end device no matter graphics is same for both devices.

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  • No Training No Room Card

There's no training room to practice and improve your gaming skills. And no option to create rooms useing room card. The most important thing is room card is missing whenever tournament held in our locality we participate but without this option there's no tournament for pubg lite.

  • Limited Shop Items

Much limited item in shop. There is only Outfits treasure and redeem option. Even less item in those category. Not much outfits you'll see in pubg lite and less skins like gun and vehicle. They add item is holidays and seasons.

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  • Some Screenshots Of graphics

The graphics is look kinda free fire but a little bit high and gaming experience is similar to pubg mobile.

  • Comparison With Pubg Mobile Graphics

I have a Low-End Device Realme C2 and pubg mobile just gave me the option of balanced graphics. But in smooth mode my phone gave me around 40 FPS. Even in balanced mode pubg lite didn't match with pubg mobile in graphics.

You can see the difference i didn't need to tell you which one is pubg lite or pubg mobile. If you have a High-End device graphics is too good compare to pubg lite graphics.

My Opinion

Pubg lite is good game but it can be great. The game has alot of buf and need to fix. My phone can run pubg mobile smoothly but it was lagging in pubg lite then i realized that has so many bugs and need to fix them. And they need to add some feature like room card and more arcade mode and more shop items. But all though the game was released and that's a big relife because now you can enjoy pubg in low-end mobiles. In india not everyone can afford a High-end device like Galaxy S9 or iphone X. So many people including my friends waiting for pubg lite to release in india. So they can play without vpn. Just some improvement and the game is simply awsome.

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