PUBG Mobile Best Loot Spot In Erangel | 2019

PUBG Mobile Best Loot Spot In Erangel | 2019

PUBG Mobile Best Loot Spot In Erangel | 2019, Best Pubg Loot

PUBG Mobile Best Loot Spot In Erangel | 2019

When you play pubg on your phone first thing you and your team discuss is where to land and get the loot. Honestly loot is everywhere but Loot quality, quantity, and risk is not the same at everywhere. Cheak out these 6 spot to find best loots like AR, SMG, SNIPER, SCOPE AND LEVEL 3 STUFF.

this is particularly for Erangle map. If you play Erangle alot then this is for you. The best loot generate randomly in game but these spot always have some good loot as i experience it.

No.1 Sosnovka Military Base

Loot Quality : Very High
Loot Quantity : Very High
Risk Of Dying : Very High

Starting off with the most risky and most high quality loot location Military Base. It has very high quality loot including scopes, Level 3 stuff, and lot of medic. It has all the stuff you need.

If you lucky enough to find a kar98k or at least a DMR like mini 14 to start with. Most player didn't find a smg to start on other location.

"Military Base is the largest location in erangle to loot your entire team can loot servel time if you run out off ammo"

Only if you can make it out from military base with out dying. Military Base is crowded with pro player and they will waiting for you if you land late and try to take everything from you.

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No.2 School

Loot Quality: High
Loot Quantity: High
Risk Of Dying : Very High

Second comes the school in rozhok. Its the most popular place after pochinki because its in the center of map and your in the white circle. Its pretty deadly don't land here unless you got some skill's.

Here you find some decent loot, not like the military base but you find DMR'S or AR's Like AKM OR M416. Level 2 stuff is easily found here and decent attachment too.

"The best part is your in the center off map so you dont have to worry about the blue circle when looting".

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No.3 Prison

Loot Quality: Very High
Loot Quantity: Medium
Risk Of Dying : High

Prison is covered with huge mountains and its a very good place for sniping although you don't get very good loot here compared to Above in the list but you find some decent loot like SKS, SLR, AR's like M416 and SMG. Once i found a kar98k with 6X scope. If you found then go to the top at the Rock and snipe them its a good place.

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No.4 Pochinki

Loot Quality: Very High
Loot Quantity: Very High
Risk Of Dying : Very High (Sucide)

If you want to die early in the game then stop landing in pochinki. I saw people die instantly after touching the ground and its full of SMG and combat rifel like AKM, M16A4, TOMMY GUN. and items like medic, scopes, attachment can be found here. But i never found a sniper in this location I don't know why but i never get a sniper here. So land here if you are a pro. Even pro's need some luck to survive here.

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No.5 Yasnaya Polyana

Loot Quality: Medium-High
Loot Quality: Very High
Risk Of Dying: Low-Medium

Yasnaya Polyana Contains with huge building and multiple floor's. You can find a variety of loot here but it mostly filled with Smg's and AR's. You might be luck to find a couple of snipers but the location is vast and building is so big that it takes time to loot the place.

You'll find alot of healing item and level one-two armor but finding a level 3 armour is quiet a challenge. But the quantity of the loot is so much that everyone gets something to start off with. Amd not so many player land here so its a good place to land here if you dying earlier in the game.

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No.6 Novorepnoye

Loot Quality: Very High
Loot Quantity: Very High
Risk Of Dying: High

Novorepnoye contains containers and crates next to each other just like georgopol. Sniper like kar98k and M24 is available in this location and AR is filled here. And a ton of medic item's attachment and scopes too.

Level 3 Backpack is common here. The best part of novo is that if search a little bit you can find a flare gun. Beware its attract players like georgopol and there two options of transport one through bridge people can camp on bridge. And other one through boat.

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