How To Take Great Night Photos With Your Smartphone

How To Take Great Night Photos With Your Smartphone

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How To Take Great Night Photos With Your Smartphone

How To Take Great Night Photos With Your Smartphone. Have you ever try to take a nice and beautiful landscape photo in night and it came out terrible. We help you to take amazing DSLR like photos at night with just your smartphone.

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Night Photography is the same as any other Photography, if you don't follow the rules error occur. The main rule of the Photography is writing the light means how much light you get through your lens. And smartphones doesn't have huge lens, but you can take good images with your smartphone with simple tweak.

Click On Realme C2 By Apu_HBK

See that picture above its capture on realme C2 an 8000 rupee phone just by useing this method. And I'm just using my hand not tripod.

Here's How To Take Great Night Photo

Things You need-:

  • Tripod / Gorilapod

No matter how stable your hands are you definitely need a tripod. Specially if you want to take amazing photo at night you need the most stable position for your smartphone so definitely invest just 300-400 rupees on a tripod.

  • A smartphone with Pro/Manual/Expert mode

Your smart phone should have pro mode or manual mode to do this method. However if it doesn't have pro mode you can simple use a 3rd party app to get the job done. Open camera and camera FV-5 although its a paid app but you can use lite version.

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  • A Head Phone

You'll need a head phone because when your phone is mount to your tripod and ready to click that image you press the shutter button and that make your phone unstable just a little but its affect the clarity of Photo. So use a head phone as shutter button. Just conet any head phone and press the button on head phone to take picture.

You have everything you need, so just start the method-:

First find a beautiful place to take photo and make sure there's no moveing object otherwise you get light trail. Mount your phone to tripod and conect you head phone to your smartphone maksure your phone is super stable.

  • Now go to pro mode

  • Now you can see iso and Sutter speed option in my case its exposure. So heres you need to costomise your iso and sutter speed

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  • Now the more iso you set image get more brighter but get more noicy and grain. So its better to set the Sutter speed to max in my case its 16sec but most of device has 32sec so you could set it to 20sec and the set iso around 2400 and click a picture if its too bright then reduce the iso and click multiple times until you found your desire one.

Now you can see that its soo simple yet amazing. You can also creat light trail, star trail, or write your name in the air.

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I took this photo around 8:30 in the night and it's completely dark because its an open feild with no light just the temple Maha Dev some light around temple but useing this method the picture come amazing and its just a 8000 rupees phone.

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