Best Google AdSense Alternative - 2019

As every blogger we start blogging for money no matter what other bloggers say i'll tell you the truth we all started for money but there's the difference some want quick some want to work hard and eran for life time.

Google AdSense Alternative, Best Adsense alternatives

When it's come to eran money from a blog, Google AdSense is the best monetization program still the best and high paying.

But here's come the tricky part creating an AdSense account is easy but getting approval is not an easy task specially for new bloggers.

The real problem is if they got approved by google AdSense they will likely get there account banned because they don't know much about it cos of self click or invalid click.

The best thing a new blogger can do is search for some best Google AdSense alternative.

The AdSense alternative ad network below is not better than adsense but if you got good amount of traffic to your blog you can make decent money from it or better than Google AdSense.(No One pay more than adsense till now)

5 Best Google AdSense Alternative

2. Propellerads
3. Adversal
4. Viglinks
5. Popads(For New Bloggers)


Minimum Payout-: $100
Ad Type-: Display & Text Ad
Payment Method-: Paypal & Wire Transfer is the best Google AdSense Alternative because of its ads type. is a contextual ad network by Yahoo! and Bing, its high paying ad network after AdSense. Its ads type are similar to adsense and if you have a good blog with quality content you get approval in no time.

2. Propellerads

Minimum Payout-: $25
Ads Type-: Various
Payment Method-: Serveral option

Propellerads is one of the top performing network and i like it because of its various ads type you can select what kind of ads you want like web push notifications ad and its responsive for blog, video content, image website ect.

Its minimum payout is $25 and is good for new blogger form high to low traffic and good rates.

3. Adversal

Minimum payout-: $20
Ads Type-: Display Ads
Payment Method-: Paypal, Wire-transfer, ACH

Adversal offering similar feature to Superlinks, but you need to have 50,000 monthly page views to apply.

And its minimum payout $25 payment issue in the end of the month and takes around 3-4days. I suggest you to apply for both Adversal and Superlinks.

4. Viglinks

Minimum payout-: $10
Ads Type-: Text Ads(Affiliate Ads)
Payment method-: Paypal

Viglinks is perfect for blog which is link to business and e-commerce site.

Viglinks is quiet a different eraning method from which i mentioned above because with Viglinks you eran money by affiliate sales.

The best thing about Viglinks is its incubated by google and its very seo friendly program.

5. Popads

Minimum payout-: $5
Ads Type-: Pop Up
Payment Method-: Serval Method

PopAds its a very good way to eran money when you have a very new blog and some traffic from social media, Forums, and youtube. So new website should not apply for AdSense until they generate at least 100 visitors per day.

In the mean time you can use popads its very easy to get approval and the most good part is its minimum payout is $5 and its a great reward for new bloggers.

Click here to apply for Popads

These are the best and popular AdSense alternative and i use 2-3 of them in my blog.

If you have blog with high traffic and good eraning but suddenly your AdSense got disable then useing two or more ads network combined can make up for that loss. (Example with Viglinks)

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